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The SlugMath Wiki is a mathematics resource at UC Santa Cruz, created by Martin H. Weissman, with funding from the Center for Teaching Excellence at UCSC, during the summer and fall of 2008, as a source of mathematical knowledge and resources for advanced undergraduates and faculty.

Mathematical knowledge is the foundation of this wiki.

34 clusters
Basic number theory, functions, basic group theory, quadratic residues, relations and more...
110 statements
The Fermat-Euler theorem, primes dividing a product must divide a factor, Lagrange's theorem, the floor sum identity, and many more...
181 definitions
The definition of a group, the definition of the totient, the definition of Dedekind cuts, the definition of a digraph, the definition of even numbers, and many more...
289 lexemes (words)
Group, Injective, Metric space, many more...
11 structures
The symmetric group of order 6, the binary quadratic form x^2 + xy - 2y^2, the max-plus algebra of natural numbers, more...

Pedagogy is the motivation for this wiki.

3 classes
Math 203, Fall 2008, Math 110, Fall 2008.
14 courses
Math 105A at UCSC, Math 111A at UCSC, and more...
9 skills
Installing and running a Tex package, more...
0 tasks
None yet.

Help can be found.

About this project
Long term goals, Technology, Development events, Attribution, copyright, and fair use
Help for specific visitors
for students, for faculty, for developers.

The bibliography stores 6 entries.

Number theory
Conway's book on quadratic forms, Vinogradov's number theory text

This wiki consists of 1,381 pages, and has 53,418 registered users.

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